Meditation is very simple.
It is unfailingly restful and refreshing.
It immediately reconnects you with what matters, with your true self.

* * *

If possible, light a candle or incense, don a special garment, or go to a special spot in your home to mark that this will be sacred time.

Turn off all noise and music.
In silence, become aware of your breathing.
Concentrate on this experience.
Let all the business of life go.
Let planning for the future go.
Let worries about the past go.

Gradually your mind will settle and clear.
When it wanders, to worry about the past or to plan the future, pull it back.
Remain in the present moment, with the bare experience of your breathing.

After a while, notice the subtle experience of the air entering and leaving the tip of your nose.
Concentrate on that, as you become calmer and clearer.
Five minutes is plenty.

Then just sit for a minute or two.
Allow any positive ideas or guidance to emerge.
But reject any worry or planning that feels unpeaceful.
Know that you are in a divine world, that your life is sacred.

Quietly get up and bow in respect and gratitude.

* * *

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Understand that reading about meditation achieves nothing. What matters is to do it.